“Gold Standard” Crypto Wallet with Ledger

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Mason Rothschild's world-renowned studio Petrol partnered with Ledger to create 13 limited edition "Gold Standard" wallets. These works will debut at the Gasoline x Cheese Party during the NFT in Los Angeles on March 22, 2023. The project combines Rothschild's perspective with Ledger's unparalleled safety expertise. In addition, as part of Rothschild's public edition of "This Art Is About to Burn", the artist challenged collectors to balance their desire for wealth and rarity.

A row of pixelated Birkin Bags supports the collaboration between Mason Rothschild and Ledger.

“Gold Standard” Crypto Wallet with Ledger.png

Mason Rothschild and Ledger collaborate to launch limited edition products. Source: NFTEvening.com.

Mason Rostchcid and Ledger collaborate to develop an encrypted wallet

Mason Rothschild shared his thoughts on the project, "We aim to create something bold and compelling that embodies the concept of Burn while demonstrating why Ledger is a microcosm of safety and reliability."

The co branded gasoline x Ledger Nanos has a gorgeous gold design that represents its undisputed position as the pinnacle of secure cryptocurrency storage. There are only 13 pieces, each with a different gold theme, such as platinum and rose gold.

A plugged in Ledger device is displayed against a red background.

The "gold standard" for encryption security will be released at the Los Angeles NFT. Source: Newegg.

Redefining cryptocurrency security and wealth perception

Mason Rothschild and Ledger's "gold standard" version challenges traditional ideas about money and banking. Specifically, these articles emphasize the importance of self custody of cryptocurrencies. In fact, Ledger products are known as the "new gold standard" for cryptocurrency storage. In addition, Nanos played an important role in the last combustion of the gasoline public edition.

The gasoline "This artwork may be burned down" open edition party will be held tonight. Co branded "Gold Standard" Ledger Nanos will become one of the highlights of this event.

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