AIPEPs by Cre8ors NFT airdrop

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Who: Cre8ors

What: 8,888 Artificially Intelligent Protocol-Enabled Pictures (AiPEPs)

When: August 10 at 8:00 a.m. ET


Cre8ors Are WayGreater Than JustProfile Photo

They're a novel collection of 8,888 Synthetically Smart

Protocol-Enabled Pictures, or AiPEP's that blend B&W

AI digital photography with vivid 2D-characters right into one

stand-out character. PFP's will certAInly never be the same.

PFP's That Benefit You, Forever

Visualize minting an artist that creates songs for you, or an author

that creates for you. As artificial intelligence boosts, so does your

NFT. One day your Cre8or may make a hit track, or create an ideal-.

marketing unique. If you possess the NFT then you own the IP; and because.

you own the IP, you enjoy all the benefits. PFP's that you'll pass.

down to your grandkids for generations to find.

A Smart PFP, Hybrid Token + Smart Pocketbook.

Cre8ors PFP's are a brand-new interactive ERC-721ACH hybrid token that includes ownership of its own.

ERC-6551 smart pocketbook. Each PFP comes with an imaginative DNA card NFT inside. This card represents your.

Cre8ors archetype characteristic. Trade your cards as well as alter your characteristics without the requirement to sell your entire PFP.

Not Simply a JPEG.Think, PFP as a Solution (PaaS).

Our company believe IP is one of the most important utilities for NFT.

owners, so why stop at just the artwork? Our internal IP.

administration as well as licensing department can help you permit.

your Cre8ors IP. From the artwork to the co-creations you make.

with the area, Cre8ors mission is to release your innovative.

potential as well as unlock monetary liberty for our participants.

Why: AiPEPs by Cre8ors is a collection of 8,888 "Unnaturally Smart Protocol-Enabled Photo," or "AiPEPs," that mix B&W AI photography with vivid 2D-characters into one stand-out avatar. Each PFP features an innovative DNA card NFT that represents your Cre8ors archetype attribute. These PFPs are a new interactive ERC-721ACH crossbreed token that includes possession of its very own EC-6551 clever pocketbook.

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