AltLayer - Testnet III (OAT NFT) Airdrop

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AltLayer as well as EigenLayer team up on Stage III of elevation, introducing a decentralized Flash Layer secured restaking device.

Strength as well as avAIlability meet advancement in this exciting partnership. Stay tuned for prospective shocks along the way!

About AltLayer

AltLayer is a game-changing Rollup-as-a-Service (RaaS) system that transforms decentralized application growth. With support for popular settlement layers like Ethereum and Arbitrum, AltLayer supplies unrivaled adaptability as well as compatibility.

Programmers can let loose the power of highly scalable, application-tailored implementation layers while conserving precious time and also resources.

How to join the AltLayer - Testnet III Airdrop?

Deadline13 August, 11:59 PM UTC

Step-by-Step Guide ''AltLayer - Altitude Testnet Phase III''

Experience the power of Flash Layers by restaking stETH or rETH on EigenLayer's testnet and deploying via AltLayer's rollup launchpad.

  1. Visit the AltLayer Galxe page and proceed with the following tasks.

  2. Follow @Alt_Layer on Twitter, retweet the designated Tweet, and join the AltLayer Discord channel. 

  3. Restake stETH or rETH at, and create a Flash Layer at *A step-by-step tutorial is available here.

▪️ For support, please reach out on AltLayer's Discord channel and one of their admins will help you (More info). Stay tuned for more updates!

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