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10% Binance Earn APR is now active!

What does Annual Percentage Rate (APR) in cryptocurrency mean? APR is a projection of the benefits you will receive in cryptocurrency over the chosen period of time. It does not show the expected or actual APR in any fiat money. The anticipated incentives may not match the actual rewards generated because the APR is modified every day.

Users can trade cryptocurrency on the website Binance. It is compatible with the most widely used cryptocurrencies. To keep their digital currency, traders can use the crypto wallet offered by Binance. Users can earn interest or conduct transactions using cryptocurrency thanks to the exchange's supporting services. Binance NFT is the place to find collectibles of all kinds, from sports to fine art. It is made to function as a dual chain. Users can grant access to NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain via the Binance wallet thanks to the dual chain functionality.

To encourage suppliers of bitcoin mining and digital infrastructure to register for the new Cloud Mining Partner Program, Binance is introducing the Cloud Mining product partner program. Check out our thorough and easy-to-follow application guide for the Binance Cloud Mining partnership program!

binance apr

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Sign up with an account on Binance Exchange and receive 10% kickback on the trading fee

  2. Complete identity verification; (find how to verify your Binance account here)

  3. Head to the Binance Ean 10% Limited Special offers page

  4. Click on any desired and available products and enjoy your rewards!

binance Earn Wednesday Special offers frames

more info in official website

The Limited-Time Offers Rules:

On a first-come, first-served basis, this is accessible.

Users can access their assets after subscribing by navigating to Wallets > Earn.

Users of Simple Earn Locked Products have the option of early asset redemption. The principal will be restored to the spot account after selecting early redemption, and the dispersed interest will be subtracted from the refunded principal. It could take 48–72 hours to acquire the tokens because of the various time zones throughout the world.

The estimated APRs* for the liquidity pools are based on the rate as of January 17, 2023, at 0:00 (UTC). APR on Liquidity Farming is subject to the page display on the day because it is dynamic and may change during times of greater market volatility and trading activity. For the most recent APR, please refer to here.

Since liquidity farming is not a principally guaranteed commodity, temporary loss is possible. 


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