Binance Pay Red Box reward bitcoin

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Receive 0.1 to 3 USDT as a Red Box reward from Binance Pay. This is totally uncharged. To redeem your reward, simply scan the QR code using the Binance app or click the link below.Bring in more pals! With your pals, get more crypto boxes!   the first one have got 78 bitcoins now!

On Binance, how do I claim a red packet?

How to Take Part:

To access Binance Pay, tap the top-right corner of the Binance App's home page.

Click the [Create] button on the page to begin producing Crypto Red Packets.

Invite your friends to redeem the Crypto Red Packets during the promotion period by sharing the Crypto Red Packets on any social media platform.

here is the official link:  

binance box red

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