DEyes Legends by Coldie NFT airdrop

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Coldie DEyes Legends are the next evolution in the Decentral Eyes Mashup series. These iconic Async Blueprints portraits have been reintroduced as a full-body GLB statues that is mixed-reality interoperable and serves as a playable VRM avatar as well. Bring these icons of crypto and blockchain history into the metaverse to express your time in the space, your digital identity, and pay homage to the early days of crypto art.

What:Mixed-reality art that comprises 523 DEyes sculptures trait-matched to the OG 2021 AsyncArt DEyes Collection.

When:August 9 at 2:00pm ET (public mint)


Why: DeEyes Legends functions as an expansion of the Decentral Eyes Mashup series by Coldie. These legendary Async Blueprints portraits have been reestablished as full-body sculptures that are mixed-reality interoperable, while additionally serving as a usable VRM avatar.

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