GoMining (GMT + NFTs) Airdrop

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  Dive into the realm of mining via the GoMining Champions Program. Ascend the rankings for a chance at an impressive reward pool of 225,000 $GMT symbols ($ 30,000) and also unique GoMining NFTs. Welcome the obstacle and come to be a part of this thrilling event.

  Regarding GoMining

  GoMining changes Bitcoin mining, offering direct access via staking GoMining Tokens as well as possessing GoMining NFTs, all backed by a global information facility network that makes sure dependable $BTC mining. The NFT Game improves the experience, providing advantages through solo as well as pool mining styles. With reduced purchase costs and an undeviating commitment to quality, GoMining guarantees constant performance.

  The $GMT Token holds versatile functionality, while GoMining NFTs provide an ingenious ROI avenue. Laying more boosts profitability, strengthening GoMining's placement as a crucial player in the Bitcoin journey.

       First liquid Bitcoin hashrate protocol that enables ownership, receipt of mined BTC yield, and trading hashrate on the Ethereum/BNB chains. Let's mine!

How to join the GoMining Airdrop?

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Prize Pool225,000 GMT & 86 GoMining NFTs
WinnersTop 300 + 150 Random
Deadline30 September, 2023
Max Supply436,915,240 $GMT
BlockchainEthereum & BNB Smart Chain
MarketsGate.io, Uniswap, PancakeSwap,...

Step-by-Step Guide ''The GoMining Champions Program''

  1. Head over to the GoMining Zealy quest board.

  2. Accomplish quests and earn XP points to qualify for $GMT tokens and NFT rewards.

▪️ Top 300 performers will be handsomely rewarded:

  • ● Top 1 XP: 20,000 $GMT tokens + 3 NFTs

  • ● Top 2 XP: 13,000 $GMT tokens + 2 NFTs

  • ● Top 3 XP: 8,500 $GMT tokens + 1 NFT

  • ● Top 4-10 XP: 5,000 $GMT tokens + 1 NFT

  • ● Top 11-20 XP: 2,500 $GMT tokens + 1 NFT

  • ● Top 21-30 XP: 1,500 $GMT tokens + 1 NFT

  • ● Top 31-100 XP: 800 $GMT tokens

  • ● Top 101-150 XP: 400 $GMT tokens

  • ● Top 151-300 XP: 150 $GMT tokens

Additionally, 150 random participants who don't make it into the Top 300 will receive 100 $GMT tokens, and 50 NFTs randomly distributed.

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