Hadean and Mythical Games collaborate on cross chain gaming infrastructure

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Hadean is an award-winning meta universe startup that will join the Myth Foundation's Myth Game. In doing so, Hadean will help establish initiatives that allow greater interoperability between metacosmic projects. What is the Myth Foundation?

The Mythos Foundation is committed to further achieving interoperability goals between metacosmic projects


What is the Myth Foundation?

The Myth Foundation consists of five metacosmic projects led by Myth Games. These projects work together to promote Web3 games, reduce friction points between ecosystems, and provide funding for technologies to improve the metacosmic experience. By pooling resources, the foundation is breaking barriers and allowing greater synergy between different projects.

Hadean CEO CrAIg Beddis pointed out, "Mythos' vision of a democratic game ecosystem is fully consistent with our view of a decentralized metauniverse, where game players, developers, and creators can actively participate in the value chain. We look forward to playing our role in supporting this pioneering group of industry partners."

The $MYTH token holder votes on the five chairman members. Once elected, the term of office of the project is one year. During this period, elected projects worked together to promote the interests of Web3 games.

What is a myth game?

Mythical Games was established in April 2018 as a next-generation gaming studio. The company believes that ownership of digital assets is the future of the game. The company believes that the key to the future lies in NFT technology.

So far, this Los Angeles based gaming studio has created the famous blockchain game Blankos Block Party, an open world multiplayer game, and NFT Rivals, an arcade style game created in collaboration with the National Football League. Both of these games are now playable, and there are NFT assets within the game that can be bought and sold on the Myth Game Market.

Mythical Games collaborates with the American Football League to create NFT games

Mythical Games collaborated with NFL to create NFL Rivals, the first blockchain game in the alliance

Image source: Myth Game

The future of mythological games is bright. The company has raised $260 million in venture capital to build an industry leading gaming studio. The establishment of the Mythos Foundation proves this, and they seem to have had an impact on Web3's principles of collaboration and community.

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