Mazuri GameFi (MZR) airdrop

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Exciting News: To commemorate the closed Beta release, Mazuri GameFi is releasing an Airdrop with a remarkable reward pool of $200,000 in-game $MZR symbols for all participants. Do not miss out!

About Mazuri GameFi

Mazuri GameFi is an ingenious online gaming Metaverse where players become boxers seeking popularity, glory, and riches with thrilling PvP battles and interesting PvE difficulties.

The combination of BlockchAIn innovation compensates players with $MZR Tokens for in-game actions, making every move count in this exciting globe where limitless chances await to evaluate your abilities and enjoy rich benefits.

Additionally, Mazuri GameFi uses a vast array of special NFTs, including special lorries, rentable Satoshi Towers for easy earnings, fashionable garments, and also special qualities.

How to sign up with the Mazuri GameFi?

Total Supply100,000,000 $MZR

Step-by-Step Guide ''Mazuri Alpha Pass $200k Airdrop''

  1. Visit the Mazuri GameFi Airdrop Gleam page.

  2. Follow @MazuriGameFi on Twitter.

  3. Join Mazuri on Discord & Telegram.

  4. Create your Mazuri account to join Closed Beta. Ensure your Metamask wallet is switched to the Sepolia Testnet network and verify your phone number.

  5. Sign up/Register on Mazuri Launcher, tap the Play Button, and authorize the launcher on your PC.

  6. Paste your ERC-20 wallet address to receive Airdrop, and join the PvP tournament for a chance to win $1,000,000.

▪️ You will receive 100 $MZR tokens (~$ 50) for completing tasks and 10 $MZR tokens (~$ 5) for each successful referral. GL!

* Additionally, you will earn 10% of your referral's purchases, winnings, or earnings. Tokens can be used to enhance your fighter, purchase items, and trade for money within the system. 

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