Mobster (MOB) Airdrop

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Mobster is hosting an impressive Airdrop with an enormous reward pool of 2 Trillion $crowd symbols!

20 lucky winners will win 100,000,000,000 $MOB tokens each. Don't miss this opportunity!

About Mobster

Total Supply458.823.528.411.765 $MOB (Deflationary)
BlockchainBNB Smart Chain

Mobster is a revolutionary meme coin that perfectly mixes the famous fashion of the 70s with modern appeal, producing a token with an air of power and also success. Standing apart from average meme coins, Mobster introduces an unique badge of honor, symbolizing strength as well as a no-nonsense perspective.

The $MOB Token forms the core of Mobster's success, ensuring liquidity with a 3% tax obligation on deals and also extensive recognition with a 4% advertising and marketing tax, all while helping with burns to increase the token's scarcity. MOB is already listed on PancakeSwap.

Furthermore, Mobster supplies exciting crowd NFTs representing 390 one-of-a-kind countries, offering exclusive incentives in competitors as well as airdrops for holders.

Just how to sign up with the Mobster Airdrop?

Prize Pool2 Trillion $MOB
Winners20 Random

Step-by-Step Guide ''Mobster Airdrop''

  1. Visit the Mobster Airdrop Gleam page.

  2. Follow @MobsterMOBbsc on Twitter, and retweet this Tweet.

  3. Join the Mobster community on Telegram.

  4. Follow @topmobster on TikTok, and watch/like/repost this video.

  5. Complete all tasks and submit your BSC wallet address.

▪️ 20 Random Lucky Winners will receive $MOB Tokens Each. Good Luck!


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