Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet (TKO) Airdrop

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Taiko ZK-EVM Alpha-3 Testnet, called "Grímsvötn", is currently live! Adhering to the previous Taiko Alpha-1 & Taiko Alpha-2 Testnets, the Alpha-3 is an essential action towards scaling Ethereum, playing an essential duty in screening network design/components as the Mainnet launch techniques.

Alpha-3 Testnet incentivizes both advocates and also provers to examine the new procedure business economics layout. It intends to observe how permissionless participants act reasonably in a mainnet-simulated environment, according to the method's fees and also rewards.

About Taiko

Taiko is a fully decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup that ranges Ethereum in a fashion that imitates Ethereum as closely as possible - both technically and also non-technically - by supporting all ZK-EVM opcodes in a layer-2 design that is decentralized, permissionless, and also protect.

Vitalik Buterin explained the advancement of Taiko as a "Interesting Job". Taiko is a Type-1 ZK-EVM, prioritising ideal EVM/Ethereum equivalence over ZK-proof generation speed.

Just how to sign up with the Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet Airdrop?

Step-by-Step Guide "Taiko Grímsvötn Alpha-3 Testnet".

The testing largely focuses on the interaction in between advocates, provers, as well as the protocol driven by financial motivations. In addition, it entails deploying Taiko in addition to Taiko as an L3, leveraging the reusable design of the type-1 architecture known as "beginning layers".

  1. Configure your Metamask wallet with both the Ethereum Sepolia Testnet and Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet networks. 

  2. Go to the Sepolia Goerli Faucet and request $ETH test coins.

  3. Switch your wallet to Taiko Alpha-3 Testnet and Add custom tokens (HORSE, BLL, and TTKO) using the provided configuration

  4. Navigate to the Taiko bridge interface, switch your wallet to Sepolia Goerli, select "HORSE" from the dropdown and click "Faucet". Repeat the same step for "BLL" tokens.
    Note that $TTKO will not be distributed at the launch of Alpha-3, but will be shortly after. 

  5. Now, Bridge ETH, HORSE, and/or BLL from Sepolia to Taiko. You can also try manually claiming the transfer yourself by clicking the "Claim" button under the "Transactions" tab.
    * Note that the Txs will intentionally fail 50% of the time as part of the testing process.

  6. Run a Taiko node, enable a Prover/Proposer, deploy a contract and verify its functionality, and build a ÐApp on top of Taiko. 

  7. Report any bugs you encounter during testing and provide feedback

▪ Proposers must pay the method in a protocol token called TTKO when recommending a block, in addition to Ethereum L1 gas fees. In Alpha-3, they describe this token as "examination TKO." To disperse TTKO to prospective proposers, the network recalls at those who contributed to the network on Alpha-1 as well as Alpha-2 Testnets. Describe the "Grímsvötn" mirror blog to learn more. GL!

* If you have any questions or need assistance, you can ask on the Taiko Discord server. Exercise caution on Discord and rely only on official sources to avoid SCAMMERS!!!

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