Seedworld Vanguards NFT airdrop

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August 21, 2023

Company: Seedworld

Price: 0.04 ETH

Seedworld Vanguards-- PFP Collection

Vanguards (the military at the center of a motion) is the result of countless hours of commitment and interest for art. We desired each user of Vanguards PFP to really feel a feeling of might and mastery while designing each attribute.

PFPs represent us in social networks, not only that, however, they end up being a part of our remAIning in significance, and also they tell the globe a story concerning us.

As well as now, Leads prepare to fulfill their proprietors and also users.

They will prepare you of what's to find at Seedworld.

What is Seedworld?

A globe that is produced by its customers, Seedworld is focused on user-generated content. Our mission is to transform the occupants of this online world into creators, by:

* Giving the tools to shape as well as build your land

* create social & video gaming experiences with simple themes

* generate income from the experiences you create

* or merely delight in the experiences others produce

While building the economic situation of Seedworld we got motivated by MMORPG economic situations, as well as our purpose is to develop a persistent real-world economic situation that will certainly hook individuals in several ways.


Seedworld team consists of incredibly gifted people, that had previous functions at popular AAA workshops such as Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Microsoft Studios, and also much more.

Whitelist for Vanguards

To join as well as have a chance to get an FCFS (First-come-first-serve) whitelist place for Seedworld Vanguards mint, complete the tasks offered on the right side of the web page.

We are expecting conference you at Seedworld!

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