ZTX NFT airdrop

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Who: ZTX, whose parent company is Zepeto. 

ZTX is a web3 metaverse platform empowering creators and communities to build, play and earn.

Founded in 2022, ZTX is the joint blockchain initiative of jump crypto and zepeto — the largest metaverse in asia with over 400 million lifetime users.

With a vision to create a metaverse for all, we are building an immersive 3d open world where users can make, trade digital assets and enjoy social interaction. In doing so, we aim to empower self-expression through customizable avatars and lands that can be equipped with nfts from a rich collection of assets created by diverse creators, daos, or communities.

What: Genesis Mint comprising 4,000 District Home NFTs usable inside the ZTX platform.

When: Presale (August 8-25) providing to 2 mints per wallet; OpenSea Mint (August 30).

Where: Presale held on Helio, where buyers get the NFT on Arbitrum after OpenSea public mint ends. Price is TBD.

Why: The Genesis Mint by ZTX will certainly begin the advancement of the ZTX NFT ecological community, permitting early advocates to gather one of the first-ever ZTX NFTs-- District Houses. These in-game properties represent a collection agency's real home inside the ZTX metaverse platform.

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